Coventry’s community activist-Sanjay Jagatia attends the Queen’s Garden Party


Dated: 20th July 2008, Coventry, UK
Every summer, Her Majesty the Queen hosts three garden parties at Buckingham Palace, in which over 8,000 people attend each one. The Garden Party invitations are sent out by the Lord Chamberlain on behalf of The Queen and are attended by everyone from diplomats to dinner ladies. The events are a highlight of the monarch’s calendar for thousands of guests from across the UK and Commonwealth and alongside the Queen will be the Duke of Edinburgh, Duke of York, Duke and Duchess of Gloucester and Princess Alexander, the Honourable Lady Ogilvy.

The tradition of throwing open the royal residences dates back to the 1860s, when Queen Victoria held what was known as afternoon “breakfasts”. At a typical event, guests consume more than 27,000 cups of tea at each event, as well as more than 20,000 sandwiches and a similar number of slices of cake. Some 400 waiting staff are on hand to make sure everyone is well looked after.

Local Coventry guy received a royal invitation to the Queen’s Buckingham Palace Garden Party on Tuesday 22nd July 2008.

Sanjay Jagatia, aged 41, from Stoke, Coventry is a leading community worker for over 20 years. He has worked tirelessly in promoting inter-faith dialogue and inter-ethnic understanding and working with charities, voluntary and community organisations on a Local and National and International level.

Sanjay has been recognised for his charitable and community work.

Although working full time as a Community Fundraising Officer for Acorns Childrens Hospice which cares and supports children with life limited illnesses, Sanjay still finds time in his spare time, volunteering tirelessly for many voluntary and charity organisations. Over the last 8 years he has helped raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for various charitable causes including for the victims of the Gujarat Earthquake, Tsunami Disaster, Hurricane Rita and the African Famine crisis. Many local charities and good causes have also benefited from Sanjay’s volunteering initiative, including the Lord Mayor’s Appeals, Snowball Appeal, Walsgrave Hospital, SPARKS, Macmillan Cancer Support and Refuge to name a few.

In addition, Sanjay alongside other UK faith leaders has advised the Government’s Department for International Development (DFID) on the best way forward to engage the community for the high-profile symbol of commitment to meet the Government’s commitment to the MDG’s, as per the promises made by world leaders to halve world poverty by 2015. Sanjay has also recently advised the former Prime Minister-Tony Blair on his newly launched Tony Blair Faith Foundation on the faith perspective of achieving the MDG goals and raise awareness of Climate Change initiatives and is currently holding events and road shows in Places of Worship and Religious Institutions throughout the UK.

Sanjay said “Attending the Garden Party was something I will remember forever – I will never forget this. I feel very privileged and honoured that I was selected to be there at Buckingham Palace and recognise it’s possibly a once in a life time experience”.

“I have massive respect for The Queen and feel honoured to have actually met and spoken to her. I was nervous when presented to her. She asked me about my charitable work and said that she admired the fact that even with a full time job i was able to give up my spare time for those less fortunate” he added.

Sanjay attended the Garden Party with his Family.

Sanjay’s work, determination and compassion are recognised throughout the world by community leaders, MPs, Lords and now even by the Royal Family.

In everything that Sanjay does throughout the World he always passionately says that it is an individual’s duty and privilege as a human being to serve our society.

Sanjay’s greatest guiding influence in life has been Mahatma Gandhi, whom he says “was a beacon of hope and whose tireless faith and devotion to humanity touched the lives of many people. Gandhi always advocated non-violence and to always think about others who are less fortunate than yourself and that the whole world is one family”.

Sanjay posses a sense of humour, patience, empathy and the ability to meet the challenges everyday life throws at him. He is an individual who is braving the odds and making a real difference to the lives of so many people across the world through his voluntary work.

Within every individual lies the desire and capacity to create positive change – Sanjay is one such individual who has made this happen………Sanjay Jagatia is an Ambassador for the City of Coventry.

Recently, Sanjay was presented with “Eminent NRI Award” by the NRI Welfare Society of India for outstanding Voluntary/Community Work and contributing to the enhancement of human welfare and has also been shortlisted for the Coventry Telegraph Pride of Coventry & Warwickshire Community Awards 2008 under the Local Hero Category.


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