Charities can bring a fundamental change in values in our consumer society

Charities can bring a fundamental change in values in our consumer society

London, UK: On Sunday, 2nd December 2007, Ketan Patel, renowned investment banker, strategist, and best-selling author delivered the keynote address at an inaugural event titled ‘The 2007 Indus Insight’ organised by leading British Charity – Sewa International.

As a result of his time at leading investment bank, Goldman Sachs, Patel cultivated a powerful network of substantive authorities in various fields of work. This unique access to people in high places gave him the
opportunity to discuss fundamental questions facing us, in particular, the strategies for creating peace, prosperity and freedom.

“The presence of the world’s richest, such as Gates and Buffett, willing to donate their billions to solve the world’s most important issues combined with the breakthroughs in medicine, electronics and materials gives us the
opportunity to make a historic shift in seemingly structural poverty. However, this will not happen unless we have master strategists to change minds and behaviours and re-architect our values” said Patel

He added: “The most lasting legacy of history’s great strategic minds is to teach us how to strive for power so that our countries, businesses, communities and leaders can win. It has not taught us how to instil peace, prosperity and freedom.

On behalf of Sewa International, Mr. Abhay Chopada said: “We agree with his analysis that if we are to address the key challenges facing the world or even in our very own local communities, we will need to bring a paradigm
shift in the way we view the world. In particular, we believe that a shift in values will only take place if we rise above our individual aspirations to take into account what’s good for our society as a whole. On this count
alone, we consider Sewa International’s emphasis on collective and selfless action as an excellent example of a group re-architecting the values and DNA of our society.”

Mr. Chopada added: “Sewa International’s guiding principle of ‘serving humanity’ takes into consideration that along with our individual rights, we also have societal responsibilities. From a strategy perspective, we believe
that civic, charitable, and other such organisations have a crucial and strategic role in delivering this change, which will eventually benefit humanity.”

Ketan Patel spoke of the need for charities like Sewa International to embrace an agenda that promotes a fundamental change in values by saying: “The rate of growth of our need to consume everything the world has can only lead to a deadly conflict for resources. All our measures of prosperity and progress demand that we keep consuming. Historically this was called “greed”. Today we use words such as “consumer society”. Science may make the breakthroughs that enable us to continue this pattern of behaviour by creating plenty. Only a fundamental change in values can really save us.”

Sewa International is a national British – Indian charity which came into prominence in the 90’s and through the support of the Indian community & a strong volunteer network has raised substantial funds for its international
appeals and campaigns.

The event was attended by 150 captains of Industry, prominent members of the Indian community, leading politicians, and other substantive persons.

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