Beacon of excellence, The African Caribbean Community Iniative (ACCI) celebrates 21st Anniversary

Beacon of excellence, The African Caribbean Community Iniative (ACCI) celebrates 21st Anniversary

The 21st celebration of the African Caribbean Community Initiative (ACCI) mental health service, in Wolverhampton, has lead to calls from many quarters to see their outstanding work replicated in every city across the country.

Saturday 27th September marked the celebratory gala, dinner and dance of one of the most successful social enterprises working with people from African Caribbean communities who have come in contact with mental health services.

The most comprehensive service of its kind for black patients and their families in the West Midlands, their services are now recognised as a beacon of excellence.

ACCI offer the rare opportunity for people from African Caribbean to access culturally appropriate care in a context within which they do not have to fear the being subject to the harsh and punitive treatment, which is the Count Me In Census report, has revealed is the norm for black patients detained within statutory services.

The gala event was opened by the Mayor of Wolverhampton, Councillor Mrs Christine Mills. A number of the city’s dignitaries have become increasingly aware the importance this issue, which now touches the lives of every black family living in the UK.

Local MP Rob Marris, Wolverhampton City’s PCT chief executive Jon Crockett, the chief executive of the Nehemiah United Churches Housing Association, Bishop Llewellyn Grayham, and Head of Equality and Diversity at Wolverhampton Primary Care Trust, Bruno Daniel and councillor Sandra Samuels all attending this 21st year celebration.

With love and compassion the watchwords behind their work, there have now been calls for thier models of care needs to be replicated across the country if the crisis in black mental health, which has led the destruction of a generation of black Britons is to be addressed.

Alicia Spence director of ACCI services said:’We do believe that there is life after being in mental health services. We treat our members with dignity and respect and the work we do gives our clients hope. This is the ethos that underpins what we do here,the belief that people can get recover and heal from the trauma that they may have gone through and rebuild their lives. It gives people hope, and we all need hope.’

Mayor of Wolverhampton, councillor Mrs Christine Mills said: ‘ ACCI provides holistic package, which the City Council is proud to support.
The work of the organisation has brought tremendous benefits to both suffers and their families alike. As the impact of mental illness can affect everyone associated with the individual. ACCI’s services deliver outcomes across a number of the targets the City has set itself to achieve to make long term improvements to benefit the lives of Wolverhampton’s citizens’.

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