UK online viewing hits 5 billion, is your business video ready?

In the UK online video viewing approached 5 Billion in April 2009, up 47 Percent compared to 2008 as reported by online intelligence research company,Comscore. Ofcom noted in the UK, that ethnic minority groups watch more video and tv online than the UK norm.

With online video viewing surpassing five billion as we read, it is vital that businesses should be engaging in pro active web marketing campaigns, they cannot ignore the power of video as part of the online marketing mix and internet strategy.

The recent “Digital Britain” report commissioned by the UK government, called for the establishing of universal broadband access by 2012. Greater support for e-commerce, knowledge marketing and export infrastructure and skilling in these areas.

The Culture Secretary Andy Burnham said:

“Britain has always led the world in content creation – with the best music, films and TV – and it is vital that we carry forward this strength into the digital age.”

Business can benefit from the creative and interactivity that video brings and tap into the creative industries to translate this for them. With an investment in both a domain name and web hosting already made, many businesses are seeking betters ways to maximise on their web investment, by turning it into a key part of development and communication strategy.

For example UKTI, the government trade and export body uses video on Youtube to provide case study, export market opportunities and trade initiatives available to all at the users convenience.

Others too are taking advantage of this low investment, high reach aspect of video, they have worked out compared to print, radio and tv, it is more cost effective in terms viewership and audience reach.

HD Productions is a company specialising in the production of video for the business sector covering various industries. Through providing services that include online video marketing, clients gain distribution across a range of various social networks and video sharing sites.

“Websites are communication channels, just like print, radio and television, we see web video as the most effective means of communication, in terms in distribution of information, marketing and branding”, James Wood of HD Productions.

Comscore research noted the online video advertising lead to a 40% increase in buying a product or service.

The Internet Retailer survey discovered that 43.3% of merchants will update their e-commerce sites with video this year as reported by

It’s very clear that video will play an important component not just as an attractive add on but a key feature in the prosperity of company fortunes and growth.

Companies like HD Productions are among a growing number of key vendors, providing web video marketing and know how, as many companies seek betters ways to market themselves more effectively, in this competitive digital online age. Where online video viewing will be a standard component of the web experience.

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