Think Black 1st & Support The Blackonomy

Think Black 1st & Support The Blackonomy

Martin Luther King Jr. said “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”. Some may think (an online business directory dedicated to the African & Afro Caribbean community) is controversial, but I’m sure none of them endured 400 years of slavery! Support the BLACKONOMY and tell all your friends to join us on

What is the Blackonomy? The Blackonomy is the % of money those of African or Afro Caribbean Descent spend and add to our countries economy. In London for instance there are more than 10,000 black-owned private sector businesses, and you’ll find these black businesses no longer simply specialise in a few industries, serving niche markets, but actually cover many mainstream market sectors. In fact in London alone their combined annual turnover is in excess of £5 Billion per annum, and provide over 70,000 jobs. This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Black Power, however with great power comes great responsibility, and we as a collective should whenever possible strive to redistribute this wealth within our own communities.

As part of the BLACK 1st COLLECTIVE you can help increase the positive economic impact the Blackonomy has in your own community by simply patronising businesses owned by persons of African or Afro Caribbean Descent more frequently. To encourage your patronage of such establishments and your overall support of the Blackonomy the BLACK 1st COLLECTIVE has developed the means to help you acquire some valuable, and exclusive discounts and special offers from 100’s of black owned businesses throughout the UK.

We believe that the BLACK 1st COLLECTIVE is a necessity because although it may be sad to say, its as true today as it was yesterday that regardless of your age, sex, religion or nationality, when another person looks at you what they see first is a black person, and their first impression of you (which is normally a biased stereotype) will be based entirely upon the colour of your skin and not your business acumen.

Many agree and have already joined me, and now I want you to join us to. The BLACK 1st COLLECTIVE has a simple single mandate which is to collectively support the businesses of our fellow Africans and those of Afro Caribbean descent, by doing nothing more than making potential customers in your community aware of your existence and to give them an incentive to shop and do business with you, by offering them discounts, special offers and a sense of pride by putting money back into the Blackonomy.

Marcus Garvey once said we should always put “Race First” and I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s especially important when choosing where to spend your hard earned cash. So think about this for a moment: If you had the option of purchasing a product or service of equal quality from your kin or a stranger, whom would you choose? And if you where offered a family discount, wouldn’t that make it even easier for you to come to a decision?

Well as Sister Sledge once sang, “We are family”, come on bring your business to me

I must admit it still hurts to say one has to put ‘Race First’, but whatever you say and as sure as night turns into day, the colour of your skin can still determine whether you lose or win.’ But don’t dismay because things are changing every day Just look at the President of the USA.

As I said to my son the only reason Obama won, was because someone like you took the view that we may be few, but by standing together we can reinstate and renew that which was previously denied you “CHOICE”

Please choose to use and support the “Blackonomy”

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