The Rt. Hon. Lord Patten of Barnes CH Speaks in Hong Kong at Citibank Legacies of Leadership

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November 5, 2008
(Hong Kong) Citibank today hosted its third Citibank Legacies of Leadership speaking series, featuring The Rt. Hon. Lord Patten of Barnes CH who delivered an address to 250 Citigold customers on his personal views on leadership and legacies.

In his keynote address, titled “China, the World and the Asian Economic
Powerhouse”, Lord Patten shared his valuable experience negotiating with governments in Europe and Asia during his long political career, and how those lessons translate to today’s global economic environment.

“China is not emerging; it is re-emerging. It was the largest economy in the world for 18 centuries, and it will be the largest again by the end of this century,” said Lord Patten.

Lord Patten began his speech as Senator Barack Obama was named the President-elect of the United States. At this news, Lord Patten said the United
States of America remains the world’s only super-power, and the 21st century should not be seen as a hegemonic struggle between the U.S. and China. He said America needs to work with China and others to deal with global issues, and it will be important that these great countries maintain a close partnership.

Lord Patten finished the event by noting that he feels the keys to successful leadership remains temperament and personality, and that while other skills can be learned, those qualities are the vital ingredients of a strong leader.

Lord Patten is the third speaker at this successful Citibank Legacies of
Leadership program – a renowned Asian speaker series featuring prominent world leaders respected for their vision and invaluable contributions to society.
The speaker program provides Citibank customers with the unique opportunity to hear distinguished speakers share their reflections on life and the legacies they hope to leave. Previous speakers have included Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and former U.S. Secretary of Treasury Robert Rubin.

Mr. Weber Lo, Chief Executive Officer and Country Business Manager of
Citibank Global Consumer Group Hong Kong said: “At Citibank, we have always endeavored to provide truly unique and memorable experiences to our customers. Citibank Legacies of Leadership is one example of that commitment. The recent interaction with Lord Patten was living testimony to that.”

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