The real Richie Rich

The real Richie Rich

London and India based entrepreneur Dr Rahul (Richie) Nanda, Global Chairman of two of the world’s biggest security companies Tops Security Limited and The Shield Guarding Company Limited, has entered The Sunday Times Rich List as an exciting new entrant with a staggering wealth of £168 million.

Since moving to the UK Richie has acquired a 51% majority stake in ‘The Shield Guarding Company Limited’ and is in the process of building one of the most expensive homes in Gerrards Cross making him a new entrant in the Sunday Times Rich List.

The Chairman of Tops Security Limited, India’s largest security group, valued at over £200 million with 8000 employees and 120 offices is also the First Indian MNC to acquire a UK security company.

The company provides security for some of the world’s biggest events such as IPL, World Cricket Champions League, international celebrities and VIPs

Tops is set to become the number one brand in the global security space and a US$ 10 billion security group by 2020.

Prior to joining TOPSGRUP, Dr Nanda took over the reins of the family restaurant business, TUTKUKS which was making just £100 a day. In 6 years he transformed the restaurant generating £10,000 a day.

He joined TOPSGRUP at the age of 22 in 1992 when the security industry was plagued by uncertainties and problems. He ushered in a new era by corporatizing private security not only for TOPSGRUP, but for the entire Indian security industry. When he joined TOPSGRUP, his starting salary was £10 a month with revenues of approximately £2000 per month.

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