The first mobile provider to include international calls at no extra cost launches in the UK

The first mobile provider to include international calls at no extra cost launches in the UK

desi mobi is the first SIM-only, post-pay service to offer consumers flat rate UK and international calls as part of a monthly price plan, giving customers the best of both worlds. Simplicity of use is key and the company will offer four price plans from launch. As standard all plans will include calls to landline and mobile numbers in the UK, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka and calls to landline and mobiles in other selected countries will be included depending on the tariff. There are two contract terms available: 2 or 12 months, with the latter offering an extra 10% of minutes and texts.

Texting is such sweet sorrow… or so it seems. For many, long distance relationships are hard enough – but they are even more difficult if you never speak!

This is the case for more than one in ten British Asians who have, and are, conducting a long distance relationship using text messages because of the costs and inconvenience of calling internationally.

The research shows in general nearly a third of British Asians currently only call when it’s cheapest, 28% still limit call times, a quarter call when it’s inconvenient for themselves and nearly half carry two handsets or use two services/tariffs to get through.

But as our loved ones spread further afield, the difficulty in keeping in touch and the costs grow. Currently, we are calling up to 25 people, in as many as 14 countries over 11 times a week and the cost on our pockets is significant with a fifth of people spending at least £300 a year – over and above our standard mobile and landline bills.

However, keeping in touch with family and friends overseas is not just a matter of cost but of pride – with many us feeling it improves our understanding of global issues, increases our respect for other cultures and reinforces the strength in our own heritage.

To combat the challenge and to help you get the best of both worlds, desi mobi which launches today, has become the first mobile phone provider in the UK, to offer international calls to South Asia and other destinations as part of its inclusive minutes – at no extra cost.

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