is launching a new web site.  is launching a new web site.

In modern society, language need not be a barrier. – suppliers to professional and educational bodies worldwide, certainly prove that. With the success of first year of operation nothing short of phenomenal a new web site has been launched to provide a better service.

Others think it’s getting harder to communicate to an increasingly diversified world. We, at, think otherwise. And suggest an innovative bilingual solution.

United Kingdom is becoming a major melting pot of East European culture with ever growing Russian speaking population.

Russia and the United Kingdom have traditionally been strong trading partners, and this tradition is still very much alive, and growing ever stronger.

Which explains the demand for a simple bilingual tool to make contacts with business acquaintances, clients, relatives and friends.

We are proud to serve business, government and educational bodies and answer that demand. We’re also proud of our products. It’s top quality, well thought-out, lovingly done and – more importantly – delivers on its objectives.

We hope the new web site, with many addidional features for the convenience of our customers, will help us to serve the clients even better.

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