Poles More Sexually Liberated

Poles More Sexually Liberated

Poles who have settled in the UK during the last few years have become more sexually liberated – according to a survey* conducted by the research group Polarity UK.

Poles up for Pole-dancing?

As many as 61% of the Poles participating in the survey said that the relationships of UK Poles are less enduring than those of their compatriots back home. The same percentage of respondents considers entering into relations with foreigners a sign of a new approach to sexuality.

‘The Polish community in the UK is evolving,’ comments Matylda Setlak, an expert on the Polish community in the UK and the Managing Director of Setlak PR, a communications agency which specialises in reaching out to Poles who live in Britain. ‘Those who arrived here a few years ago have now become different people, partly due to their exposure to British culture. These Poles now have different attitudes not only to sex, but also to money, work, family and other values,’ observes the founder of Setlak PR.

Forty per cent of those questioned by Polarity UK think that more Poles in Britain come out with a non-heterosexual orientation than do Poles living in Poland. One in ten has admitted to having had a sexual experience with someone of the same gender.

If we ask a Pole whether he visits sex shops or is unfaithful, the answer will often be negative. However, if we ask the same person about his or her perception of other Poles’ behaviour, an entirely different picture emerges, points out Monika Bodera, the Managing Director of Polarity UK and an expert on international market research focused on migrant groups from Central and Eastern Europe. ‘It appears that it is easier to admit to certain behaviour in others than to admit to it in ourselves,’ she comments.

49% of Polarity UK’s respondents expressed an opinion that Poles in Britain have more sexual partners than they did when they still lived in Poland. Not only that. UK Poles are more willing to talk about sex, according to 38% of the sample surveyed. And 39% admit to talking about sex themselves very frequently or frequently.

‘What is intriguing is the fact that twice as many respondents refuse to reveal information about how much they earn or how much savings they have than are prepared to reveal facts from their intimate life. This is perhaps another pointer that in Britain we have become more sexually liberated,’ says Joanna Szczedor, the Research Director of Polarity UK.

* The survey was conducted on a sample provided by Poles Apart UK.

Find out more about Setlak PR on www.setlakpr.com, and more about Polarity UK – on www.polarity.uk.com.

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