Media group launch ‘brown pound’ ad network

Media group launch

People Group a global multi-brand consumer internet company has launched its own ad network called ‘People Online’ to help advertisers and media buyers communicate to the South Asian audience whom are living in the UK.

After success from selling advertising on People Group owned sites, People Online has set out to compete for its space in the digital sector to serve as a gateway to the ‘brown pound’ market for advertisers and media buyers, and as a sales house for third party website publishers.

“It’s estimated that this South Asian cohort have a combined wealth of £32 billion,” states, Geeta Srivastava, Country Head UK at People Group. She adds, “We are supplying advertisers with a network of website publishers to reach a niche South Asian audience effectively; advertisers will hopefully recognise the economies of scale and ROI that we can bring to their campaign.”

The south Asian group is made up of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan consumers who are dependant on mixture of mainstream and own media. Whereby, research shows that Asians would be more inclined to purchase a product or service if it was advertised specifically to them through media they relate to.

People Online is a representative and blind ad network, reaching over 1.6 million unique users and offering more flexibility and lower costs to the advertiser. This means that People Online represents a number of premium Asian websites, acting very much as an outsourced sales team.

Geeta explains, “We’re giving advertisers and planners increased buying power to target an Asian category of ABC1s. Advertising campaigns can be conducted efficiently across a number of Asian centric websites simultaneously, targeted by geo-demographical statistics, brand preferences and consumer behaviour, so that Asian consumers’ receive 100 per cent message relevance, whereas until now Asians feel that marketing by mainstream brands has little relevance to them.”

According to E-consultancy’s new report on ‘Online Advertising Networks’, the market for UK online advertising networks will grow by 60% in 2008 to an estimated value of £385 million. This is because the pace of growth for ad networks continues to outstrip the rate of growth for overall online display advertising due to improved understanding of the return-in- investment potential and increased opportunities to reach the right audience.

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