Lebara Launches Another Great Service for the Ethnic Market!

Lebara Launches Another Great Service for the Ethnic Market!

Money Home for Free, the Safe and Simple Way with Lebara

Lebara, who were the first to launch high quality, low-cost international mobile call services into the UK market in 2007, have today announced another pioneering innovation – the launch of Lebara Money.

From March 21st, anyone needing to send money abroad* will be able to do so through the Lebara Prepaid MasterCard®.

The Lebara Prepaid MasterCard® will offer customers a two-card facility allowing the sender and receiver greater control and security, with free money loading, card-to-card sending and withdrawals. The money is simply loaded onto the UK based card (Your Card) and then moved to the Family Card so they can use the money instantly by just swiping at the vendor’s point of sale or getting cash from any ATM displaying the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.

Ratheesan Yoganathan, CEO of Lebara said of the move: “Sending money to friends or family anywhere in the world can be an expensive and sometimes troublesome process for you and them. Lebara made making calls home easy, efficient and affordable. We now want to offer customers the same high level of service and peace of mind when they send their hard earned money home. Working with MasterCard will ensure that this is exactly what they get at all times.”

The entry point for customers is a simple £14.90 to purchase the two linked cards, with transparent fees and charges. The Lebara Prepaid MasterCard® also allows customers that have no direct access to a bank account in the UK to take advantage of the service through direct payment and cash loading at over 30,000 Paypoints and Post Office branches across the country.

The application process is simple and can be completed online in a few minutes. Once the application has been approved, customers receive their two cards within 10 days and can start sharing money immediately.

Yoganathan continues: “I want Lebara to be the company that is in tune with its customers, that keeps growing and developing services and products that the UK’s diverse communities need. We started with Lebara Mobile and now we have Lebara Money – all created to help communities stay connected wherever they are in the world.”

Application forms for the Lebara Prepaid MasterCard® will be available online at www.lebara-money.co.uk from March 21st 2011.

*Local laws in India mean that you may not send secondary cards to India for the purposes of money transfer

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