‘KAHN DO’ number plates

Project Kahn is exactly the kind of business one would expect to appreciate the potential of private number plates.

The design based automotive company, turns high quality, prestige production cars into stunning bespoke vehicles.

Given the company already owns prestigious number plates such as 4 HRH and F1, Project Kahn is only too familiar with buying and selling cherished number plates,

And now the company is to make available a number of their 2011 range of personalised number plates.

Prestigious number plates such as AK l l ANS, FK l l ANS, 4 AK, AF02 ALS, K4AHN, 4K and many more are up for grabs.

“They are also sold separately to customers who want to add a bit of intrigue, style or personality,” said a company spokesman.

“At the moment number plates such as AK11 ANS, FK11 ANS and K4AHN seem to be generating a great deal of interest.”

To give you a taste of some of the number plates available from the stunning 2011 collection, see below:

BK l l ANS
CK l l ANS
DK l l ANS
EK l l ANS
FK l l ANS
GK l l ANS
LK l l ANS
NK l l ANS
4 AK
4 K
WED 111N
EXO 771C

Alternatively, let us know what your ideal number plate is and and we will endeavor to find it for you.

Please contact our sales team on 01274 7499 99 or email your request to kahn@kahndesign.com with Number Plate Request as the subject field.

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Website: http://www.projectkahn.com
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