Hason Raja restaurant raises cash for Mumbai bomb victims

Hason Raja restaurant raises cash for Mumbai bomb victims

Hason Raja, Holborn’s renowned Indian and Bangladeshi fine dining venue, is offering patrons a £10 voucher which they can chose to donate to victims of Mumbai’s terrorist attack, use to discount meals, or split the money between the two.

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Customers can chose to donate £10 discount vouchers to charity

Hason Raja proprietor Rafu Miah says, “Lots of restaurants are offering credit crunch specials, but despite the gloom and doom in the media, plenty of businesses and individuals continue to thrive – those people that don’t need the cash can put it toward a good cause.”

Using authentic ingredients, Hason Raja offers an eclectic modern cuisine including Monk Fish Tikka, Dumka Lobster and Goose Ki Parchy. Other unique offerings include the Abadi King Prawn lightly spiced starter with tartar sauce, the Tandoori Paslion rack of lamb and the Duck Breast served in anis and saffron sauce.

Chef Prasun Saha, who trained in Calcutta, working in 5-star establishments such as the Taj Hotel, Mumbai’s famous Only Fish restaurant and top Chinese restaurants in Gujarat, offers a fusion of flavours with subtle influences of Chinese and Thai cuisines. He is also happy to prepare favourite dishes not featured on the menu.

Signature Bangladeshi dishes include Shathkora Mangsho, a traditional dish of diced lamb shank cooked with wild Bangladeshi lemons.

The restaurant is dedicated to the 19th century Bangladeshi feudal lord. A playboy in his early life Hason Raja led a life full of drama, colour and romance, before become an aesthete in later years, devoting himself to writing poetry and music.

Established in January 2003 restaurateur Rafu Miah, has put his 30 plus years’ industry experience into creating a first-rate fine dining establishment, offering traditional and modern dishes with authentic tastes and distinctive flavours in a stylish, understated soundings with Italian furnishings and exemplary service.

Commenting on the spate of terrorist attacks in Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka, Miah said: “Asians from the Indian sub-continent are all brothers, we shouldn’t be killing each other – this is a way for people to express their revulsion of terrorism regardless of the perpetrators.”

Like the transformation of restaurant’s namesake from playboy to aesthete, Miah calls on those intolerant of others’ views and beliefs, to undergo a change of heart and learn to live in state of mutual respect.

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