Fashion, the business of art

Fashion, the business of art

With its ever-changing and influential styles and seasonal trends, fashion is a highly competitive industry. Every year a new set of aspiring designers showcase their designs at fashion events across the capital in the hopes of achieving the type of success that some of the latest & hottest new designers such as, Aimee McWilliams and Julia Clancey, have experienced in recent times. Talent and vision are important in achieving this success but one aspect that many aspiring designers forget is the value of business acumen in such an uncompromising industry.

With the glamour of fashion shows, model-filled after parties and luxurious lifestyles that may ensue in the world of fashion it’s easy to see why many are tempted to forge a career in this exciting & creative sector. But it is crucial to understand that only with a solid business plan and the right marketing strategy can a new designer have a hope to succeed, especially in the Fashion industry.

RSL management services aims to provide the strategic and business management support that every emerging business needs if it hopes to succeed. With the experience gained from working with clients from a variety of industries RSL is able to look at every new fashion client with the capacity building tenacity that is required to ensure long term growth in the fashion world.

One successful case study can be identified by the Simone Williams label – a London based womenswear label that continually and actively promotes its brand as a business as well as a fashion entity. Having taken part in Kulture 2 Couture (2006) and other fashion events the Simone Williams label will also be showcased at the BIBA awards – Black Women in Business Awards on the 26th October 2007 at the London Marriot. A fitting event for a growing fashion label that takes business very seriously.

Some of the important tools recommended & offered by RSL:
Public Relations management
Brand positioning & marketing
Sales generation & maintenance
Financial & accounting management
Time management organisation
Team & individual support & motivation

RSL Management Services reviews every new client specialising in fashion carefully – assessing the marketability, quality and potential profitability of the product to provide a realistic and effective plan for growth.

“My advice to any small business, not just in fashion, is to aim high but be realistic. A clear business strategy is just as important as a great product or beautiful design” says Ronke Lawal (Owner, RSL Management Services).

Business is an art in itself; creativity and determination are necessary to drive each and every business forward in order to ensure long-term growth. RSL hopes to help new clients in the fashion industry recognise this and excel in their businesses.

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