Effective sponsorship of ethnic events

Effective sponsorship of ethnic events

Is it better to sponsor Madonna’s concert or a picnic in Orpington? To invest in stage branding or in brand ambassadors? Below you will find a handful of tips how to use the sponsorship of the event in a really effective way.

Choose a proper event
A popular star, some widely advertised show or a cabaret group do not always guarantee an ideal sponsorship from the point of view of a sponsor. One must take into account some strategic aims. If you want to present your offer or sell a product directly to the customer, an ideal option for such an interaction will be a big event, such us a festival or a picnic. Such events attract whole families who want to spend their time in an interesting way.
However, if direct sale is not your main objective, equally good solutions will be presence in the media, improvement of the image or appearance beside a logotype of a famous artist.

Pay attention to a place
The choice of the event venue is one of the key decisions of the organizer. That is why it is worth checking if it is tailored to needs of the participants when it comes to space, logistics, subject and the atmosphere of the event. Ethnic events have also some common feature: they are usually organized and promoted in ethnic points and specific localizations. If you are thinking about an event in London and want to attract Poles – choose Ealing or Acton. If you want to attract Romanians – think about localizations in Waltham Forest or Barnet. Why? As most people learn about the events by word of mouth, in local shops.

Promote sensibly
It doesn’t matter that the planned event has all features of a well organized venture, if the organizer has forgotten to inform about it the prospective audience. It is always worth checking how the organizer is going to do it. It is important for an organizer to invest in creation of a website as it gives a sponsor an opportunity to publish banners. If the organizer promotes the event only in social media, you may expect only acquaintances to take part in the venture. Engagement and regularity of activities in social media are important so it is necessary to place the poster promoting the event in minimum 10 different groups or pages. Do not forget about traditional forms of promotion such as posters and leaflets in ethnic shops. Make sure that promotional materials attract attention with professional graphics and copy.

Keep an eye on the arrangements
A plan is one thing and its realization another. Sometimes the organizer forgets about the promises and it appears that there is no chance for exclusivity. Or that, for example, there is a lack of a) table, b) parking space, c) microphone. That is why the presence of a person supervising the course of sponsorship process is necessary in order to make sure all elements of the plan are executed.
You should take into account that you will collaborate with people representing various cultures. So remember that different people communicate differently and have various technical skills and diversified marketing knowledge.

Be visible
Make sure you take care of a maximum branding – pull-ups, flags, posters, stage banners. Check if colours and logotypes are well visible for all visitors.
Another important issue is to have a stall that attracts visitors’ attention: promoters in brand-name clothes, colourful catalogues and attractive gadgets. Apart from everlasting pens or sweets you can think about practical objects related to the industry of a specific client: fridge magnets from a margarine producer, or useful bike water bottles for sports people. The third important issue are activities offered to visitors. In case of children these can be such simple ideas as face painting, drawing contests or throwing a ball into a basket. The ideal solution for adults are funny photo walls where they can take photos and then publish it in social media.

Measure the results
Of course, painted children faces are not the aim of the sponsorship. Before any event, it is necessary to set clear objectives and then measure them. Can you organize promotions with a special code for the participants? What about gathering personal data? It’s also worth conducting a survey during the event. It will help to achieve information what attracted people to the stall, what they remembered with regards to the offer and what they are planning to do with what they’ve learnt.

You must not forget about the most essential point: an atmosphere at the stall. You do not have any influence on the weather or course of the event, but you can always make sure that the client’s brand is promoted by open, engaged and smiling promoters.
The author of the article is Monika Bulmer, an account executive responsible for sponsorships management in Think Big Comms agency that specializes in conducting campaigns targeted at Polish customers.

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