Diversity in Enterprise: Dragons and MPs ask for your help to unleash UK’s entrpreneurial potential

Diversity in Enterprise: Dragons and MPs ask for your help to unleash UK

BBC Dragon James Caan, other top UK entrepreneurs, MPs and the wider business community are urging people to lobby their Members of Parliament to sign an Early Day Motion calling on the government to better support would-be entrepreneurs from all backgrounds.

EDM 1007, tabled by Lorely Burt MP during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010, states that while there has been a shift towards greater diversity in entrepreneurship, more needs to be done to support groups which are currently under-represented. This includes young people and women as well as Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups.

Lorely was joined by BBC Dragon and Chair of the Department of Business’ Ethnic Minority Task Force, James Caan, founder of Fun-ctionality, Lara Morgan and Pamela Hargreaves of Enterprise UK at a Parliamentary event last week to support the motion and Global Entrepreneurship Week as a whole.

James Caan says: “As someone who has been championing ethnic minority business and enterprise for a number of years, I welcome and support this motion, and hope the government continues to look at ways to make entrepreneurialism accessible to people from all backgrounds.”

Lorely Burt MP says: “As a former business woman, I am all too aware of the barriers that prevent people from starting new businesses. That’s why I think it’s so important that we challenge the perception that entrepreneurship is a male-dominated, white middle-class pursuit and call on the government to do more to support all would-be entrepreneurs.

“That’s also why I have lent my support to Global Entrepreneurship Week – a unique opportunity for people from all backgrounds to access the kind of mentoring and support that will see them become the James Caans and Lara Morgans of tomorrow.”

Pamela Hargreaves, Director of Policy, Research and Strategy at Enterprise UK, says: “Research commissioned by Enterprise UK to coincide with Global Entrepreneurship Week shows a positive cultural shift towards greater diversity in entrepreneurialism.

“However, we must continue to encourage individuals from all backgrounds to become entrepreneurs so that the UK can become the global entrepreneurial hub that it has the potential to be.

“Increased government support for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business leaders groups which are currently under-represented in entrepreneurship is a crucial part of this. That’s why we want appeal to people to encourage their constituency MPs requesting that they sign up to this motion.”

As of 30th November 2010 EDM 1007 had attracted 19 signatories.

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