Creative Oceanic… Wins… Designs… and Launches Amir Khan’s Official Website…

Creative Oceanic... Wins... Designs... and Launches Amir Khan

… A-nd NOW la-dies and gen-tlemen Creat-tive Oceanic proud-ly pre-se-nts, li-ve AND exclu-sive, the pride of Bolton a-nd Great Britain THE UNdefea-ted A-mir Khan’s Web-site…

“My new website is fantastic – I’m really pleased with the level of interaction my fans and I can have through the site. My news pieces, calendar and monthly newsletters keep my fan base up-to-date on all my activities. Creative Oceanic’s highly competitive quote and their great portfolio of work was the hook for me.” Amir Khan

“The re-branding of Amir Khan’s website has provided Creative Oceanic with the ideal platform from which to globally showcase our talents. Winning such a prestigious contract just shy of a year in operation is a significant coup and without question a great indication of our future. We fully anticipate the demanding nature of such a high profile site with continually updates and stream lining required from our in-house team. We are a small firm with big talent and Amir Khan’s site is the perfect opportunity for us to shine.” Abid Manzoor, Creative Director, Creative Oceanic.

Abid Manzoor has over a decade and half of experience in the Design Industry established Creative Oceanic in September 2006. Creative Oceanic is a Brand Communications company, services include: Corporate Identity, Graphics, New Media, Advertising, Exhibitions/Event Management, Print, Public and Media Relations, Copywriting.

“Your corporate brand is your most valuable intangible asset. Integrated Brand Communication is a powerful paradigm through which Creative Oceanic creates, evolves and energises your brand. Creative Oceanic delivers acute resonation of your brand essence to your target audience, successfully traversing the gap between brand and audience.” Jag Sidhu, Sales & Marketing Director, Creative Oceanic.

Within its first year of business Creative Oceanic has attracted and worked with an impressive list of clients to date including; the Army, Apple Pharmacy, the BBC, Charan Gill, Chicken Cottage, Deans Pharmacy, Edinburgh Mela, Family Favourite, Glasgow Financial Services, Let’s Direct, LGBT, the Scottish Asian Business Awards. The Amir Khan website will be Creative Oceanic’s flagship of 2008.

Creative Oceanic will control all aspects of the site, from the aesthetics to newsletters – including online PR and marketing exercises. Creative Oceanic’s in-house PR Executive will be closely liaising with Team Khan in order to provide up to date Blogs, Calendar and Recent News, facilitating greater interactive opportunities on the site.

Amir Khan. Olympic Silver Medallist 04. Undefeated phenomenal professional boxer…Creative Oceanic Client!

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