Clear Channel Audience Solutions project effectively targets ethnic audiences

Clear Channel Audience Solutions project effectively targets ethnic audiences

Following the launch of Clear Channel Outdoor UK’s new audience solutions project, advertisers such as DEFRA, Job Centre Plus, Rubicon Exotic Drinks and Muslim Aid, have, for the first time, been able to target a variety of ethnic groups by selecting panels in specific areas of high ethnic populations, in a language of their choice.

More than 10,000 panels across the UK have been identified and introduced to advertisers in response to both a local and national need for businesses to connect with ethnic communities.

Advertisers, who have successfully used the solution, include: DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs), Grace Kennedy Foods, Muslim Aid, Gerber Foods, Western Union, Moneygram, Job Centre Plus and Rubicon Exotic Drinks.

Charity organisation, Muslim Aid, successfully completed its first campaign with Clear Channel and booked a further campaign for the month of Ramadan.

The Job Centre Plus campaign ran in two bursts and the website launched at the start of the campaign received more than 25,000 hits.

Clear Channel Outdoor UK’s Sales Executive, Talahat Mahmood, who led the ethnic targeting initiative, said: “My involvement with Clear Channel and this project has given me an opportunity to interact with businesses at a multicultural level.

“The fact that I am bilingual and of Asian background gives me an advantage to empathise and relate with those trying to reach these specific audiences. An understanding of both western and eastern cultures allows me to bridge communications between the two to offer a bespoke business outdoor advertising solution.”

Clear Channel has labelled its panels depending on the environment in which they are situated. Labels such as motors, chemist, petrol stations, cinema, finance, pubs, retail or fmcg, can be incorporated into the ethnic label creating a highly targeted campaign.

Richard Bon, Head of Campaign Planning at Clear Channel, said: “Ethnic specific targeting is yet another way for Clear Channel to help advertisers distinguish and target specific groups in their local environment. Similarly to our environmental labelling and lifestyle offerings, we are enabling advertisers to speak to their target audiences.”

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