Building Business The Caribbean Savouries Way

Building Business The Caribbean Savouries Way

Building a successful business is never easy, yet Paul Scott has managed to develop Caribbean Savouries Ltd, the company that has brought “Caribbean Food Delights” to the UK into a national success.

With their range of microwaveable patties and Caribbean foods, their range sold out within a week of its launch at ASDA this year. Yet things have not always been easy for Paul Scott, a businessman with a passion for building a business based on integrity and self-belief.

Paul grew up in Kingston Jamaica, an area of the world famous for bringing us so much in the world of food, music and charisma yet also mired with political and economical issues. Paul stayed focussed on his goals whilst growing up. He took part in the sound systems when he was at School and made friends with people in different communities despite the social unrest that was happening around him in Jamaica. He was always confident in his ability; though it took many years before he was to develop Caribbean Savouries he never gave up on his goals.

“I never turned my back on friends as I believe a good friend is always an asset” says Paul as he looks at his childhood. He faced tough times but never resorted to hurt people and walked on amidst war and tribulations that anyone living in Kingston during the late 70’s early 80’s could testify to. He entered communities where even the police feared to tread and it was this courage that enabled him start his business in the UK.

Faith is also an important factor in Paul Scott’s success. “I owe my life and success to God, it is only him who has opened doors for me and brought me success.” For anyone experiencing difficulties he encourages people to use their own faith to open the doors that they think are not possible to be opened. Growing up in Kingston Paul is no stranger to what happens when violence overshadows peace, hoping that the youth of today stops the violence, stay authentic and strives towards their own goals with the knowledge that nothing is impossible.

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