Big, greedy business is ‘sick and dying’ – ethical & ethnic business is on the rise

Big, greedy business is

The economy, serial redundancy, job uncertainty, necessity and the dream of shaping one’s own destiny is leading us to leave cruel companies be their own boss and do something says leading life & business coach, Rasheed Ogunlaru, in ‘Soul Trader – Putting the Heart Back into Your Business published today by Kogan Page.

He adds that ethical busines and black owned businesses which have come of age, the latter – having blossomed from being seen as only barber shops and bakeries to African Caribbean business owners running businesses in every sector from cosmetics to consultancy and online media / retail to renting & letting.

London born to Nigerian parents, Ogunlaru whose clients include entrepreneurs, Chief Executives and Entertainers, and is the life/business coach the British Library’s Business & IP Centre says:

“Being entrepreneurial, wanting to be your own boss and working to run a successful and fulfilling business is pretty much the genes of black, Asian and minority ethnic communities in the UK and globally who’ve had to be resourceful for generations. Things have advanced; black businesses are no longer about just bakeries and barber shops – now there are ethnic business owners in all types of businesses. At a time of economic uncertainty, redundancy and high unemployment this book helps both those already in business and those considering starting out and progress by developing the clarity, co-operation and courage required to survive and thrive.”

· In the UK we have over 4 million businesses; most are micro ones employing under 10 staff. Most set up by one person wishing to be their own boss, doing something they love.
· More women in business is also helping bring brought the death-knell of cut-throat business and the birth of more compassionate and co-operate business.

“From corporate greed, being treated badly to banks failing to lend sufficiently to SMEs, many are rejecting callous companies, following their passions, start kind, socially / ethically aware businesses – and are creating new ways of building and fund them like through Crowd Funding. ” says Ogunlaru

Soul Trader cuts the complexity and combat-mentality of business, introducing an easy, cost-effective way of starting / growing your business through seven ‘heart centred’ principles and steps of: clarity, customers, courage, co-operation, conversations, creativity, compassion – and change.

Top tips based on 7 powerful ‘Soul Trader’ principles

Clarity: Vision is the hallmark great entrepreneur. Know your mission and utilise your unique story and values to stand out and propel you forward.

Customers: Once you’re clear, now view your business from customers’ view point. It will save you money, win you business and create brand loyalty.

Courage: Identify your strengths, adopt the attitude of an athlete and run your own race. Soul Trader shares how unleash your inspiration and inner wisdom.

Co-operation: Business = relationships. Build, support and use your network to create / access opportunities. Collaborate and punch above your weight

Conversations: The right words open doors the wrong ones close them forever. Soul Trader show how to generate opportunities and avoid conflicts.

Creativity: Know when to work, rest and be at your best. Tap into your creativity and build in free time to boost your business and your life balance.

Compassion: Soul Trader shows how to connect on a deeper heart level by being compassionate to yourself and creating richer relationships with others.

+ Change: You, your customers, your business, your industry, the economy and technology will change. Soul Trader concludes with insights into how to be aware of, adapt to and embrace change.

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