Ambassadors advised on social cohesion

Ambassadors advised on social cohesion

A group of ambassadors have met with a West Midlands business leader to learn lessons from the region on how to promote social cohesion.

Mohammad Nazir, chairman of the West Midlands Minority Ethnic Business Forum, met with British ambassadors from Brussels, Istanbul and Morocco.

The ambassadors were in Birmingham as part of a leadership programme organised by the foreign office.

“Social cohesion between different ethnic communities is an issue in many parts of the world and I was able to talk about the success we have achieved here in the West Midlands,” said Mohammad Nazir.

“We are not perfect and problems do arise from time to time but the rich ethnic diversity and social cohesion we have achieved in the region is something to be proud of but we must always strive to do better.

“It is also important to be on our guard because history shows us that particularly at times of economic difficulty there will always be people who will exploit the situation to promote disharmony.”

The West Midlands Minority Ethnic Business Forum provides strategic advice to the regional development agency Advantage West Midlands and other partners on issues relating to minority ethnic entrepreneurship.

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