Amazing duo scaling new heights for orphaned kids

Amazing duo scaling new heights for orphaned kids

One of Coventrys youngest ever Entrepreneurs Riz Navsarka and charity fund raiser Haroon
Mota together set an example for all to follow. An inspiration to all, two
of Coventry’s finest strike; as Haroon scales the heights of K2, Riz
scales the heights of the business world and together they aim to raise
£10,000 for orphan children.

Coventry University graduate Riz Navsarka, 23year old director of
MesmerEyez started the ball rolling by donating £500.00 to final year
Coventry University student Harroon to climb k2 the worlds 2nd tallest
mountain in August 2008. Initially Haroon’s aim was to raise £3500.00.
Having achieved his target he now aims to raise £10k for orphans around
the world. With the help of his cousin and budding entrepreneur no aim is
high enough- Riz vowed he would help Haroon get that £10,000; so he
screwed on his Entrepreneurial head and created a ‘I love MesmerEyez’
group on Facebook. For every individual that joins the group this month
and writes on the wall ‘I love MesmerEyez, Name,City’ he will personally
donate 5p, per person (

Riz Navsarka is Coventrys very own Sir Alan Sugar, bought up in the Hillfields
area of Coventry, one of the most deprived in the U.K. In his first year at Coventry University, at the age of
19 he set up his first company- with a £200.00 university loan, which, was
meant for educational books. Now a serial entrepreneur with several
companies he does everything he can to help people in Coventry. Early this
year he began working with a Warwick University project that encourages
business enterprise skills amongst local people. Riz also mentors Warwick
University students who consult start up and failing businesses.

Riz Quote 1: “I started my first business with a £200.00 loan that I was
given to buy books for my first year at university. Instead of going to
the book shop I bought Boxing Gloves and sports equipment from overseas
and sold them to Coventry Positive Futures- a local youth initiative. One
thing led to another, and I ended up setting up MesmerEyez, which has
grown to become the U.K’s leading cosmetic coloured contact lens company.
I believe no mountain is high enough, when I set myself a goal- I achieve
it! It is that positive, enthusiastic mind set coupled with my
determination to keep grounded and keep close to my roots that has got me
where I am. It is that same mind set that will allow Haroon get to the top
pf K2, I support his cause 100%.

Riz Quote 2: “Coming from a working class background and one the most
deprived areas in the U.K, I know how hard it is to set up your own
business from scratch. Everyone around me said I couldn’t do anything
without investment behind me, business knowledge or savings to fall back
on- I had none, but I had determination, and perseverance. All I knew was
I did not want to be stuck in a 9-5 job, being told what to do, how to do
it and when to do it. The only option I had was to go solo, setup my own
business and succeed. This is why I love working with Coventry locals, so
I can tell them I got this far with nothing. I want to tell everyone it is
possible to do anything, if you set your mind to it. Me and Haroon both
hope to set an example to all young, aim high and succeed, and don’t
forget your roots”

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