Afzal Kahn reveals involvement with Bradford Channel

Afzal Kahn reveals involvement with Bradford Channel

Afzal Kahn has been revealed as one of the masterminds and major share holder of the Bradford Channel project.

Afzal Kahn has been revealed as one of the major shareholders and masterminds behind the £450 million Bradford Channel project.

The regeneration scheme, designed to breathe life back into part of Bradford City Centre, will consist of public open spaces, a hotel, offices and plush apartments overlooking a canal basin.

The project is a blueprint for 21st century living which will breathe life back into Bradford City Centre consisting of state of the art, public open spaces, hotel, offices and plush apartments which will overlook a stunning canal.

The scheme will give the Entrepreneur a chance to give something back to Bradford.

He said “I have lived in Bradford all my life; and I own most of the land in which the Bradford Channel project will hopefully be developed. The scheme is fantastic and I believe, once complete, Bradford will be able to boast a unique city center and put Bradford back on the map.

“Bradford offers all the benefits of a big city but it’s also got fantastic countryside right on the doorstep.”

Mr Kahn said the Channel would be built on a 13 acre site next to Forster Square railway station, providing an ideal location for commuters.

He said 80 per cent of the land needed for the development had now been assembled, and added that an area of land was now available for the scheme to start.

Mr Kahn said many of the apartments would be affordable housing.

In 2004, Bradford Centre Regeneration commissioned architect Will Alsop to create a vision for the city’s future and the role of a city centre in the 21st century. The Channel scheme is located in one of the four neighbourhoods’ identified in the Alsop Masterplan.

The £450 million project will be developed over a ten-year period providing a catalyst for regeneration throughout Bradford. Bradford Channel Limited is a company fronted by Magellan Properties Limited and funded, in part, by Kahn Landmark.

Mr Kahn said he had been very impressed with the prominent people who had devoted time and energy to the project.

“I feel privileged to be associated with Robinson architects and Magellan Properties. Both share the same work ethic and are professional in every sense of the word.”

Kahn – whose company – Project Kahn gives makeovers to top brand cars such as Range Rover Sport, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche and Bentley – said he wanted to bring the same quality to the Channel project as he had brought to his car business.

He was the first person to design a wheel with a spoke that ran to the very edge of the rim – a style that has become one of the most replicated in the world.

He is also the owner of the most expensive registration plate in the UK – F1.

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