A website to help you find a Polish builder *‘Sukces’ means ‘success’ in Polish.

A website to help you find a Polish builder  *

A new online service for British businesses and individuals is being launched in the UK. Sukces.co.uk is aimed at all those who seek services provided by Polish businesses. It seems that despite their good reputation, Polish sub-contactors are not easy to find.

The British often have problems finding a reliable and inexpensive Polish sub-contractor – says Marek Lychin, the founder of the website. This is because many Polish businesses in the UK, who would like to target British customers, find the costs of advertising in the British media prohibitive. Sukces.co.uk is designed to help bring both these groups together – declares Marek Lychin.

Sukces.co.uk is an online service where British and Polish businesses and individuals can easily, and free of charge, advertise their services. They can also look up services or products and post questions directly to the advertisers. British users looking for Polish builders, cleaners, accountants, or any other service or product supplied by the Poles, can search the website by sector or by area. The website also contains Jobs, Accommodation and Buy & Sell sections for those wishing to hire Polish staff, find Polish tenants or stock up on Polish products.
Users can also post their requirements, specifying the place, price, the size of the order and the deadline, in order to receive offers.

In the editorial section, Sukces.co.uk will publish monthly interviews with successful Polish entrepreneurs in the UK. The first of the series will feature Beata Bartlay, the managing director of 2B Interface, a recruitment company supplying Polish staff to international companies in the UK and Dubai.

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