7 innovative ways of reaching Polish community in the UK

7 innovative ways of reaching Polish community in the UK

If you are a marketer or an entrepreneur who dreams about Polish clientele, well, this article is for you. Below you will find 7 innovative ways of promoting your products or services to Polish audience in the UK and also valuable tips from somebody who has been there and done that – Matylda Setlak who owns a specialist Polish comms agency specialising in targeting Poles in the UK – Think Big Comms.

1. Becoming a sponsor of Play Poland Film Festival – the biggest Polish film festival in the UK and one of the most important events dedicated to Polish community in the UK.
• This is one of the most important events targeted at Polish community in the UK;
• Both the packages and the sponsoring rates are flexible;
• Sponsor will receive an intensive promotional campaign for about 6 months;
• The promotion will take place in the whole UK;
• Partial settling of accounts in the form of a barter is possible;
• The festival has a very good reputation;
• Possibility to obtain an individual package.

Tip from Matylda – Negotiate an individual package that will include sampling, promo stand or merchandise distribution, anything that will work for your brand best.

2. An insertion of leaflets to Polish magazines that are imported from Poland and sold in shops with Polish food.
• Not many advertisers decide on this type of campaign, that is why the recipients are going to be more susceptible;
• An insertion of leaflets is a proven promotional tool;
• At least 50,000 people will see your advertisement.

Tip from Matylda – Run this campaign during the peak season for your business sector. If you sell drinks or food, for example, do it before Christmas and Easter. Poles spend a lot before and during those two biggest Polish religious celebrations.

3. Carrying out an advertising campaign in two biweeklies published in Poland and targeted at Poles who are planning to go abroad, mainly to the UK.
• Not many advertisers decide on this type of campaign, that is why the recipients are going to be more susceptible;
• Relatively low cost of the campaign;
• This is a good way of targeting seasonal workers.

Tip from Matylda – Never be tempted to advertise in English, unless you are looking for a staff who needs to speak fluent English. Forget red and white colours, everybody does it. Prepare a special offer before you book a campaign to have something to shout about. Call to action is a must, not an option. Get to know what is on mind and in hearts of Poles in that particular moment and use this knowledge to build rapport with your target audience.

4. A 3-month sponsoring of one of the biggest and the most prestigious Polish cultural centre in the UK.
• Connecting company name with a prestigious venue;
• A possibility to obtain an individually tailored package;
• A possibility to organise sales or sampling of products;
• Reaching about 3000 people.

Tip from Matylda – check event programme before you commit to a sponsorship. If you decide to give away merchandise, produce only high quality gadgets that will not be thrown away, unless you want to waste your own money. Check regularly if everything goes according to the sponsorship plan.

5. Becoming a sponsor of the biggest and the most prestigious Polish charity event in Poland that has a UK edition in several UK cities.
• This is the biggest Polish event in the UK;
• A possibility to obtain an individually tailored package;
• The event has a very good reputation and will be supported by the most important media;
• Sponsoring packages are flexible and so are sponsoring rates;
• Sponsoring means an intensive promotion for about 2 months;
• Promotion will take place in the whole UK;
• Thanks to sponsoring as many as about 100,000 Poles will get to know the brand.

6. Running an advertising campaign on LCD screens located near the tills in about 50 shops with Polish food in London and its surroundings.
• It is a sales campaign, not an image campaign, especially effective in case of products from food and drink sector;
• Video advertising is far more engaging than ads in newspapers or on the internet;
• About 600,000 of Poles will see the advertisement every month.

7. Running an AdWords campaign in Polish language.
• The campaign will reach the Poles from the whole UK, not only from the regions where Polish newspapers or radio are available;
• The results of the campaign may easily be measured;
• This is a sales campaign, not image campaign;
• The information about the product will reach the recipients who are already interested in it;
• The clients pay for the results, that is for each click.

The tactics presented in this article are not a complete promotional strategy as it is necessary to plan key messages and define target groups and goals of the campaign first and then choose the most appropriate tools. More tips on how to communicate with Polish community can be found at www.thinkbigcomms.com.

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