About Ethnic Now

Ethnic Now is the first resource of its kind in the world.

Our goal is to be the most valued UK ethnic information resource for our users; keeping mainstream and ethnic media in touch with forthcoming ethnic events and news stories.

Indispensable, personalised content is currently being delivered to over 2,000 news desks, including specific journalists that cover ethnic stories, as well as a growing number of individual subscribers.

Ethnic Now filters and monitors press releases that are submitted to it to ensure that the information provided to our users is of a high content value and as extensive as possible, in terms of breadth and ethnic group representation.

If you would like to forward a press release to Ethnic Now then please use this form.


 – Public Relations: – Marketing Managers:

  • Ensure high visibility of your press releases to target media
  • Provide high-resolution images for editorial use
  • A simple reference point to direct media for information about your press release and press contacts
  • Communicate sponsorship opportunities when available
  • Manage a thread of related press releases for simple use by media
  • Add video or audio content to enhance press releases
  • Be part of a searchable library of press releases
  • Submit online for fast listing service with notification as soon as your press release is available
  • Inclusion in weekly newsletter to all media contacts (subject to availability)
 – News Desks: – Event Planners: – Brand Managers:

  • Simple categorisation of press releases for browsing
  • Image downloads (high resolution) for editorial use
  • Events calendar provides a quick and easy overview of what’s going on
  • Access press contact names, contact numbers or email directly
  • Alerts by email, personalised by frequency, topic, region, ethnic group
  • Weekly newsletter highlighting forthcoming events

Ethnic Now is an independently owned, limited company, registered in England and Wales. Reg. No. 5029927.